How is the Best Forex Strategy by Basictech Different?

Forex pic 2Forex training programs are everywhere, so how is the Best Forex Strategy by Basictech Different?

There are many different ways that one can learn how to trade Forex, some are free, but others will cost you some money. (There’s a video below on this topic, but this article explains more on the Best Forex Strategy)


Before I get too far into this article, I want to make something perfectly clear. This is not a sales pitch for the Best Forex Strategy. I am going to provide you with some useful information and tips to help you decide what is best for you.

Learn to Trade Forex Free

YouTube is a great place to start if you are a beginner. You can learn all about how to use the MT4 platform, set up the charts, read the charts, candlestick patterns, trends, and all the other little things that a successful trader must know.

The trouble with the free methods is the time it will take you to figure out what works the best for you. Most of these free methods involve a lot of research sorting through the crap.

Here’s a tip for spotting crap. If the comments are disabled for the video, and it is loaded with ads, then it is crap. They are just trying to get views to make money off of Adsense. Internet Marketing is part of my business, I know about these tricks.

My advice as to learning how to trade Forex from YouTube videos is limiting it to the basics. Sorting through all the misinformation, sales pitches, and outright scams can be exhausting, not to mention confusing.

If you are already into Forex, and know the basics, your best option is to find a good strategy, and stick to it.

Why Pay to Learn Forex?

Just like any skill you learn in life, there are costs involved.  You can go to the library for free, get a book on any topic, study and learn a skill, but ultimately you will need to get the tools necessary to practice that skill.

Trial and error are the best teachers, and with Forex it can become quite costly. Fortunately in Forex there are Demo Accounts that you can use to practice.

I have heard it mentioned on some of those YouTube videos that demo accounts are not the same as live trading accounts. This is for the most part not true, especially if you using a reputable ECN broker.

With that said, getting into a good Forex training system is recommended, because I have found that finding one strategy, and sticking to it works the best.

This leads me to the first point of how the Best Forex Strategy by Basictech is different, and that difference is price. This is important, because I already know that you want to make money, not spend it.

Basictech Best Forex Strategy Price Difference

I have read many a comment on other sites and videos asking “if your strategy is so great, and you are making so much money, why are you selling this program?”

I cannot speak for others, but I will answer that question as if it were posed to me, and there are a few aspects to that answer.

First and foremost, I am a businessman. I have a lot of time and money invested in the Best Forex Strategy. I have over $3,000.00 and over 4,000 hours invested in the research, making and posting videos, articles, blog creation, and the tutorial system.

I want to share my research and help others profit in Forex. As stated earlier, I already know that you want to make money, not spend it. That is why I am not charging even a small fortune for the program that has;

  • Over 12 tutorial videos
  • A free member’s only blog (lifetime access)
  • Complete instructions in PDF format
  • Indicators (Free, but the setting are what makes them exceptional)
  • Support (I am a real person)
  • A free copy of the Codex of Money (It has other ways of making money in it)

Like I said, I am not even charging a small fortune, and the membership is lifetime with no monthly subscription fee. Others are charging $150.00 and up with a monthly subscription fee.

Basictech Best Forex Strategy Difference

Now I am going to talk strategy, so how is the Best Forex Strategy by Basictech different?

This is pretty simple, and if you have read any of my posts, or viewed any of my videos, you know I believe in simplicity.

The Best Forex Strategy teaches one strategy, and only one strategy. The basis for this strategy is “price action”. This is not a new concept, and there are plenty of videos on YouTube explaining this strategy, but I take a different approach to it.

With the indicators I am using, and most importantly the settings, I am able to gain consistent profits in Forex. I have been demonstrating this for over a year now on my YouTube channel.

Outside of the indicators, and the settings, I take a different approach to the Forex Market. There is a theory that I have put into place to think like the bankers think.

Getting stopped out is a major cause of why people lose money in Forex Trading. When you get stopped out, you are basically giving money away. Keeping your margin level up is how you can keep from getting stopped out and giving your money away.

There are 2 ways to keep your margin level up, and I have not heard of anyone teaching this concept. The basic “risk/reward” ratio that is taught by other programs will cause you to lose money.

Best Forex Strategy cover

Get the Full Version Today Only $39.95

I am not going to get into all of that at this time, if you watch the video, I explain it further. So how is the Best Forex Strategy by Basictech Different from other Forex systems?

  • Much lower cost, you want to make money, not spend it. (Others charge $150.00 +)
  • Lifetime membership, no monthly fees with support
  • Teaching one simple strategy for consistent profits (Others teach multiple strategies creating confusion for loses)
  • Learn how the bankers think, go with the system, don’t fight it, you will lose. (Others teach how to beat, or avoid getting beat. This will cause you to lose.)
Best Forex Strategy PayPal link

Best Forex Strategy PDF Version Only $19.95

Please leave a comment or question below on how the Best Forex Strategy by Basictech is different below, I will answer you whether you are a member or not.

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