Will the Great British Pound Recover Brexit?

Will the Great British Pound Recover Brexit? That is the question of the day, and I have an answer that some might disagree with.

Great Britton decided to leave the E.U., so as I stated here on my Best Forex Strategy blog article, “Should Britain leave the EU, Brexit or Bremain? I had speculations about it, but I really didn’t give any definitive prediction, but that was more of a CYOA thing.

I knew that there was some speculation in the Forex Market, but I am thinking it was just a lot of fear mongering. If you have been reading my posts, and following my videos on YouTube, then you know I like to think like the bankers.

At any rate, they will seize this opportunity to make a pile of money, as they always do. They never let a good crisis or controversy go to waste. They will capitalize on the event, then create a false flag to make even more money.

I explain about this concept, and what it could mean in my Best Forex Strategy, and in the Codex of Money. In the video below, I talk about how the Forex markets will simply do what they always do, that is move.

Whether Britain exits the EU, or remains part of it could present a good money making opportunity for savvy traders. In my opinion there will be no unprecedented sustainable volatility in the Forex market. In other words it could cause it to make a drastic move in either direction, but the indications are that it will retrace or recover.

I got an email here from Forex Crunch that reads; “Dear reader, this is a special letter following the EU Referendum in the UK. Voters went for a Brexit, leaving the EU and shocking global markets which priced a vote to Remain. At the time of writing, GBP/USD is about 10% down to 1.34, EUR/USD is under 1.10, USD/JPY slipped under 100 and commodity currencies also tanked.” No they did not tank, because tanked means they went under completely.

If you look at your Forex chart, the Great British Pound/U.S.D. took a dive, that was expected, but I’d be willing to bet anybody out there that this will recover. Another one they were talking about was the Euro/USD. The Euro/USD did the same thing, it took a dive. It’s starting to recover some, but it’s still indicating its going down. It might take a couple of weeks, but this is going to straighten out.

Although it is my opinion that the Ero is in bigger trouble than the Great British Pound. These currencies did not tank, they’re going to recover. I have all the confidence in the world that Great Britain is not gonna be out. They have too much going for them, and they have a lot of resources. It might take the British a little bit to get it figured out, but that’s what the Forex Market does.

As I explained in the Best Forex Strategy blog article, the Forex market is going to do what the Forex market does. Any time there’s a politician, the Fed or somebody comes out and opens their mouth, or something happens that affects the financial market, and it doesn’t go in the way, that’s not a reason to panic. I explain all this in my Best Forex Strategy.

I hadn’t made a video for about a week, and so far we are 364 dollars and forty-five cents and in profit for the month. We are 6065 dollars and twenty-seven cents in overall profit. Pick up a copy of the Best Forex Strategy and get a free copy of the Codex of Money, and understand how the bankers think, and why there’s no reason to panic. If you was if he was on the right side of this, you banked out, but if you was on the wrong side of it you lost money, but…. there’s no reason to panic.

The currency is not going to crash completely, it’s going to carry on as normal they’re not going to crash the currencies. Like I said in my other videos, they will not crash the currencies, because if they crashed one currency, all the other currencies will suffer and they will lose trillions of dollars. Nowhere did I see anyone mention where it would affect other currencies, but I mentioned it in my Best Forex Strategy blog article. If it did take a drastic move it could affect other currencies. Pick up a copy of the Best Forex Strategy, and get a free copy of the Codex of Money, and understand how the bankers think.


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