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The indicators I use for the Best Forex Strategy are free, and can be found on the internet with a little searching.

One of the Best Forex Strategy free indicators is included in the MT4 platform, so it is not included in this download.

Do the Best Forex Strategy Free Indicators Work on MT4?

The Best Forex Strategy works on the MT4, and has not been tested on any other trading system, public or proprietary.

The use of these indicators does not guarantee success in Forex Trading. Use of these indicators in accordance with the Best Forex Strategy settings and system can greatly increase your chances of success.

Watching the Thousands in Forex YouTube Videos can give you a good idea as to how I am using these indicators.

The $19.95 PDF version of the Best Forex Strategy gives the settings and system for using the Best Forex Strategy free indicators. It was intended to give experienced traders the strategy without having to buy the complete video training series.

With all that said, here is the link to the Best Forex Stategy Free Indicators


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Full Video Training $39.95            PDF instructions Only $19.95

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